About Us

The Lake House is a Christian intentional community in the Ybor Heights neighborhood of Tampa. We are here to learn how to live our lives based on what we value and believe. These values, when taken seriously, lead us to make changes to where we live, how we consume food, energy and other resources, and with whom we spend our time. Our blog is a journal of where this pursuit has taken us.

We are an eclectic group, so it's hard to nail down a description of us. One person would say that we're all about simplicity and sustainability, using as little as we can and growing as much as we can. Another person would say that we're all about the poor, hungry and outcast. Another would say that we're all about building strong, supportive relationships with each other. These and more are what we're all about, because we're all about learning how to live and love well.

We love our neighborhood. We love people who are different from us, because we have more to learn and to enjoy than to be afraid of. We love the God whose image we bear, and who brings us together and who teaches us better how to love. We're still learning, and you're welcome to come learn with us. And if you want to live life this way with a bunch of unruly guys, you may want to consider living with us.

Contact info:
908 E Lake Ave
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 508-7842

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